Elevating game one serve at a time

About Intensity Sports Club

Intensity Sports Club (ISC) is a volleyball club serving the Federal Way Community. Our mission is to provide athletes in the Federal Way area with an affordable and competitive club team. We want to provide a positive experience for athletes, and have fun playing volleyball. In order to meet this goal, we want to train players on how to perform the skills necessary to be competitive and educate the athletes on the strategic side of the game. Volleyball is a fun, intense, team oriented sport, and can provide young athletes with applicable skills in other endeavors.


Practices will be held twice a week. Location, days and times are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. Supplemental practices may be available based on facility availability. There are 6 - 8 tournaments on the regular season schedule depending on tourney cost, overall team budget and possible scrimmages with local club teams. All tournaments are held on weekends unless otherwise noted and typically start at 8 am and finish as late as 8 pm. There will be no tournaments scheduled on nationally observed holiday weekends.

We will be hosting fundraising events during the season to offset any additional club or team costs. A group of team parents will be appointed to help organize the program fundraising activities. All players and parents are expected to participate at some level in order to have fundraising money apply to their club dues.